For centuries, the Crystal Coast has been a hub for some of the greatest movements in history.  This area played a role in American history as people from the original 13 colonies settled here.  These were men and women who risked life and limb to settle a new world.  Not far from here, the Wright Brothers ushered in a new era in travel by completing the first motorized flight. Today, the flights are just as innovative at the MCAS Cherry Point, where high tech and flight come together to create the sound of freedom.

It’s time for another movement.  The Crystal Coast is home to over 65,000 people, but only 30%-40% of them have a relationship with God.  We exist to change that.  Like the waves along our beautiful beaches reshape the shoreline, we want to see the gospel change the lives of thousands.  We have a 2020 Vision.  By the year 2020, we believe God wants to see two new churches bring 2% of the people living along the Crystal Coast to His family.

One small group of people can’t possibly reach nearly 1500 people on our own, but we believe God is already on a mission to see people have a relationship with Him.  We are just joining God in a movement He started thousands of years ago.  Jesus said about His mission that He came to seek and to save people.  For decades, HH-46D military helicopters, affectionately called “Pedro” by locals, patrolled the Crystal Coast on search and rescue missions.  Now we will patrol the same area to find people with no hope and offer them a new meaning for their life.

God likes to multiply rather than add.  As we reach people, we will teach them how to do the same, and together we will continue the mission.  As our tribe of God’s family grows, we will train men and women to begin other tribes.  We will make disciples who make disciples, and start churches that start churches.