Spring Registration Now Open

Ready to get plugged in to a Journey Group?

Journey Groups are intentional gatherings of people which take information from Sunday morning messages or God’s word and turn that into application for their daily lives, ultimately leading to a transformation of their heart to become more like Jesus. They are your key to developing connections with those who share your interests or those who are dealing with similar life issues. Following the examples in Acts 2:42 and Proverbs 27:17, Journey Groups are a place where you can share life, pray for one another, explore God’s word, and celebrate what God is doing. This is what we call doing life together.

Your Sunday morning experience is just the beginning — You’ll never fully experience all that Vertical has to offer until you connect in a Journey Group! Journey Group gatherings take place throughout the week in homes, businesses, restaurants, and other locations around our region. They are also the basis of care within our church. When an individual is hospitalized or sick, its Journey Groups that initiate care for that individual, whether it be visiting in the hospital, delivering food, or helping at their home. Journey Groups are not a nice addition to our ministry, they are the heart of our ministry. We are built on being a church OF small groups, not just with small groups.



Is childcare provided?

Not all Groups offer childcare, but there are options available. Some Journey Group members share the responsibility of watching the kids, split the cost for a sitter, or make other arrangements. Let us know if you would like to join a Journey Group with a childcare option.

Where do Journey Groups meet?

Journey Groups meet primarily in homes, but may be found in other locations like restaurants, and even Starbucks. We can help you find a Journey Group near you and based on a mission you’re interested in.

How often do Groups meet?

Journey Groups meet on different days and times throughout the week. Most meet on Sunday right now, but if you need a group on a different day, we can help you find a group that works best for you.

What will my Group do?

Journey Groups are about becoming a missional community. This means you will experience Life on Life, Life in Community, and Life on Mission. The short version of what this means is each group will gather as a family each week, share a meal, share spiritual conversation, and will share a common mission. 3 things that are certain, your Journey Group will pursue Jesus, share life, and eat!